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It is important your scissors receive a regular service as forcing blunt scissors to cut can cause even more wear and tear, not only on the blades but on your hand, wrist and arm too!

We would recommend you to have your scissors serviced at least once a year.

All scissors are serviced using the same sort of machinery, tools & techniques that were used to produce the scissors in the first place.

Whilst we specialise in servicing our own scissor brands we are more than happy to service any type of scissor.

All scissors undergo the following processes in order to ensure they feel and perform as new

  1. Scissors are inspected then disassembled.
  2. Blades are cleaned then inspected again.
  3. The blade geometry is checked and adjusted if necessary.
  4. Blades are reshaped if necessary (normally due to poor previous sharpening) and sharpened.
  5. Blades are bedded using traditional Japanese whetstones.
  6. Blades are stropped.
  7. Geometry is re-checked and adjusted if necessary.
  8. Scissors are re-assembled and all components checked and replaced if necessary.
  9. Tips are chamfered for safety purposes.
  10. Scissors are tested for a variety of cutting techniques.

This high level of service can only be performed in a factory specification workshop which we call "The Lab!"

If you would like to have your scissors serviced, please click here.

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