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All of our scissors are supplied with a Leather Chamois and Camellia Scissors Oil. The guide below explains how to use these in order to prolong the performance and life of your scissors.

Between Clients - Using a leather chamois, thoroughly wipe clean your scissors, paying particular attention to the edges after each and every haircut. This will reduce the build up of chemicals and debris which over time will adversely affect the performance of your scissors.

Daily - After cleaning the scissors as described above, open the blades and add two or three drops of the Camellia Scissors Oil around the pivot area. Open and close the blades several times. This allows the oil to draw out any debris trapped in between the blades around the pivot area and you can then wipe away the excess. Clean the scissors again and add a drop of oil to the inner surface of each blade, carefully spreading it along with the tip of your finger. Wipe away any excess. This lubricates all major contact areas of the blades, preventing wear and will help prolong their sharpness.

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